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Renegade Talk Radio can help you reach over 3.1 million listeners with your message. We offer several advertising options, including on-air commercial spots, online banner ads, and on-location remote advertising.

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On-Air Commercial Spots

Your 30-second or 60-second spot commercial will run during any or all of our programming. You can choose to have your spot run during specific shows, all shows, or spaced out equally during your campaign.

Online Banner Ads

We offer standard leaderboard (90h x 728w pixels) at the top of our main website and select pages. We offer standard medium rectangle (250h x 300w pixels) ads on the sidebar of our main website and select pages. We also offer a premium sitewide top banner (300h x 770w pixels). With leading podcast analytics, the Renegade Radio Network is the most valuable stand alone ad platform for your business or product.

On-Location Remote Ads

We stream live at major political and entertainment events regularly, including the 2016 Presidential Election media events. Your ad will display on all of our media anytime we are on location. You can choose a single event or set an event schedule.

Show Sponsorships

If your target audience aligns well with one or more of our shows, we offer sponsorship packages that will give you primary advertising on that particular show or block of time.

If you have questions about rates and packages, please feel free to contact us.