4/12/2019  LAS VEGAS, NV

Hello there,

 Im Renee,  VP of Sales and Marketing for the PREMIERE radio network, BoomBox Radio Network the Parent Company of Sky Pilot Radio, and we can help you in what your doing right now.

We are unlike any network out there and we assist all different types of people do all kinds of things.

Our platform is different. We provide various forms of communication. From the very traditional music station and talk radio to self help, traveling and how to stations.

We get your voice heard through audio commercials and interviews promoting your venture as you'd expect but we offer so much more. We offer print ads, remote broadcasting and an instructional series that teaches you how to set up and broadcast your OWN show.

And we do all this in a streamlined and very economically sound manner.

If you need advertising for your business, we got it handled. Have an event you want broadcast, no problem? Want to be a star on the radio, you came to the right place?

What about the podcast you've been struggling to find an  audience for? Use ours…

Bottom line, we have it taken care for you and WITH  you. Your not alone left to figure it out. At a shockingly reasonable price, I might add, I promise.

Let's talk and I know together we can come up with a new direction, a fresh approach that will get you to that next level.


Renee Lemere, VP Sales And Marketing

BoomBox Radio Network

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