Today’s Show The current pope has single handily destroyed the church, and driven away Catholic Christians in droves. His behavior and actions have openly defined him, and made it glaringly defined that he is a homosexual, pedophile, and an agent of Satan which has successfully infiltrated the church, and works for the churches destruction. If there are any Catholics left who are in support of this pope, and those in positions of the current administration of the church, then I believe they can be considered equal homosexuals and pedophiles. It appears that God has made known what these abominations have worked to hide … it is expected, isn’t it? It is sad, and seems to be a universal evil which has spread from hollyweird though our government, on through the courts, right down to local mayors, police, and public service workers, and even taken over the church, it forces you to ask, “Are their any left who are not vile homosexuals, pedophiles, crooks, and swine?”

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