Pay attention folks, it’s the shell game. You know, on the streets of New York City, hustlers school people and take their money. There’s a gimmick that nobody knows about, except the huckster. That gimmick is slick enough to fool any human eye.

In this parallel example, the CDC plays the hustler, and the shell trick “gimmick” is performed at the border, where Covid-19-infected illegal immigrants travel freely into America – the same place where you live and where your government makes you wear a mask all day, social distance, and vaccinate to “stay alive” due to the threat from … wait for it … Covid-19.

Americans are getting played, schooled, mastered by a rogue government that shuts down schools, businesses and restaurants while keeping wide open borders for the immigrants to spread all that disease around. But we’re “all in this together” to save humanity and the future from the pandemic. Right.

Biden Regime and Democrat Governors quarantine the healthy while Covid-infected illegal immigrants swarm through America‘s open southern border

We are all so concerned about catching and dying from Covid-19 that we must prevent children from attending school, while millions of illegal immigrants head this way with Covid, able to walk into any school in any state and start classes soon. The leaders in this country have lost their minds, or they’re all so evil and arrogant that they think most Americans won’t even notice. They’re right, because it’s the shell game.

The mass media publishes all the lies that the CDC spits out, and every affiliate TV station and local sell-out network regurgitates it. The public eyes follow the CDC lies like the shells in the shell game. It’s mesmerizing, and the guidelines quickly become rules, and then those rules quickly become the laws of the land, enforced by police and psychotic politicians. It’s Blue State madness right now. Here’s how it goes.

Wear your mask all day at work and school, when you’re given permission from the government to go. Social distance at 6 feet and never touch, hug, kiss or stare too long at anyone for fear of catching Covid-19 and dying (which no kids do). Remember to think of the illegal immigrants with Covid who will ruin all of this ‘protective’ action you are taking now. It’s Blue State madness, and there could be a civil war brewing soon.


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